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Chef application


"The food was delicious and different, I didn't miss anything and every meal was tasty." -Deirdre

"My struggle with acceptance and patience all came to an end at Puyssentut. For me it remains a pivotal time of transition and will stay with me forever." -Julia

"I really enjoyed the yoga. Each day built on what we learnt the day before and I will be able to incorporate what I learned into my daily life." -Nasiv

"Go do it - submerge yourself in the wonders of Puyssentut." -Lorna

It has been a real pleasure to be part of the beautiful vision you have created here.
- Amanda, yoga teacher

"Puyssentut is a magical place with incredible energy. As one of the retreat chefs, I can honestly say that cooking for people who are going through a healing process is a wonderful and rewarding experience." -Rebecca

I'll always treasure my experience of working at Puyssentut. I came here to nurture the guests, but found myself also enveloped with love and concern from everyone on the retreat.
- Amanda (therapist)

"I came here with lots of tension and anger in my heart but I've let go of these feelings here. Instead I have music in my heart again." -Jolanda

"Go and feel a lot of love." -Joanna

"This week is for me a week I will never forget. I will integrate it in my life and I will bring it with me in my heart with a very warm feeling." -Ellen


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