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We believe that your environment is central to your health and well-being. Stressful work and living conditions, toxins and pollutants, noise and lack of space undermine your body’s resistance and your mental and emotional health. Puyssentut, nestled amongst the gently rolling hills of the beautiful Gers countryside in South West France, is an antidote to all these strains.

“A warm, caring environment has benefitted me. Pauline

Puyssentut’s peaceful setting, with views across fields and woodland, makes it a haven for visitors and wildlife alike and it immediately encourages relaxation and contemplation. The garden offers plenty of space to unwind, enjoy the peace and breathe in fresh air. You can sun and socialise at the sun terrace, swimming pool and juice bar, or find a quiet spot to relax on your own. Woodland paths offer the opportunity for some gentle exercise or if you’re feeling more intrepid you can stride off across the fields.

The climate in the Gers, with its proximity to the Pyrenees mountains, is also very soothing. Summer days are typically sunny, averaging a comfortable high of 27 degrees centigrade, with very pleasant temperatures from April to October.

“The most enjoyable aspects of my stay were the love, the warmth, the togetherness, the wonderful private rooms, the view and the silence.” Simone

We hope that you will feel at home at Puyssentut. The house dates back to medieval times and has been lovingly restored to a very high standard, whilst maintaining its unique character. It is comfortably furnished, with a cosy lounge and inviting areas to eat, and large, ensuite bedrooms providing a refuge when it is needed. In the summer-time it’s thick stone walls keep the house pleasantly cool, and in the winter the large fire-places give a generous glow and warmth.

We also take care to minimise our impact on the environment and to keep Puyssentut as toxin-free as possible. Where we can we use environmentally-friendly and natural products, and we keep the bedrooms free from wifi (wifi is available in and around the reception/office).



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