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Close up of farmers hands as he displays heirloom carrots and beets.

At Puyssentut we believe that eating should be a pleasure. Influenced by the French and their love of food, we take great joy and pride in serving tasty meals in convivial surroundings, and in taking time to enjoy both the good food and company.
However, when food is correctly balanced it can offer more than pleasure, it can be healing too. There is considerable evidence that supports that a diet low in animal proteins and fats, high in whole-foods and vegetables, and low in processed sugars helps to prevent cancer and its recurrence, in particular, by boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation. This recipe for good health is the basis of the mediterranean and  the macrobiotic approaches to cooking which inspire and inform our kitchen.

“I thought the food was great, with lots of colour, texture and variety. Everyone’s needs were more than catered for.” Amanda

We not only want the food that we serve you to be nutritionally balanced but wherever possible we believe that it should be in balance with the wider environment, and so we aim to use as much organic, locally grown, seasonal produce as we are able to.  In this spirit we are developing our own vegetable garden, which we love pottering in. It is a very simple but enormous pleasure to grow your own vegetables, pick and freshly prepare them and eat them sitting outside in the sun.

“Marvellous, wholesome, varied, stimulating, inspirational. The food was not only a pleasure to eat, it was a pleasure to behold.” Fay

We hope you will also enjoy getting involved in helping us in the vegetable garden and in preparing meals. We believe that carefully choosing and lovingly preparing what you eat is a simple but very effective way to take back some control of your life, which cancer can often seem to take away, and we hope that by getting involved in our kitchen you will pick up ideas and easy to prepare recipes to try at home.

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