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How you can help

The creation of Puyssentut has been a collaborative effort right from the start. If it had not been for the small army of family, friends and volunteers who helped us clear ground, dig, plant, lay floors, sand, paint, varnish, plaster, tile, grout, clean and make curtains, we would never have finished the renovation of Puyssentut as quickly as we did.

Turning Puyssentut into a retreat has relied equally on the input, help and assistance of many. Therapists and teachers, who have found us through our website or via word of mouth, have offered to work with us; guests staying here have helped us to network with others working in the cancer field; friends with media contacts have helped get articles in magazines; friends and family give up their spare time to help us produce our publicity materials; many people regularly help to publicise us by sharing our flyers and Facebook posts; and people generously raise and donate money to help us improve our facilities and fund the Puyssentut Foundation. Without all of these people Puyssentut would not be the wonderful place that it is.

We are truly grateful to every single person who has helped us, and everyone’s efforts have made a positive impact. If you like what Puyssentut has to offer and feel inspired to help there are many ways you can do so. You can tell others about Puyssentut; you can donate to, or raise funds for, the Puyssentut Foundation, which offers financial assistance to people on lower incomes who would like to stay at Puyssentut; and you can work with us on our retreats or volunteer with us.

We’d like to thank you in advance for any help you can give us and for your enthusiasm, kindness and generosity.



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