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Staying at puyssentut

Puyssentut sits nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Gers in sunny, south-west France. The Gers is famed for D’ Artagnan, foie gras, Armagnac and the longevity of its population. While much of the region is turned over to (increasingly organic) commercial agricultural production you still see very old, tiny couples with characterful, smiley faces tending their crops and working their small farms. Probably it is the mix of good food and wine, fresh air, physical work and quiet life that leads to such good health.

We won’t be offering you foie gras or armagnac but we do provide extremely wholesome, tasty food, tranquil gardens in which to relax, plenty of fresh air and hopefully a good dose of sunshine too. If you are in the mood you are also welcome to do some light tasks in the garden or help in the kitchen, or alternatively there are plenty of walks if you fancy exploring a bit. We also add gentle yoga, soothing meditation, relaxing and healing treatments and inspiring workshops to our formula for a healthy and happy life.

The climate here is mild and sunny, it rarely gets too hot in Summer and when it does there’s nothing better to do than sit by the pool. For most of the year – April to October – the weather is just pleasantly warm and life is lived outside. It is a very simple but totally heartening pleasure to sit in the sun to eat, made all the more special when sharing a meal with others.

The Gers is not on the tourist map, which means you have an authentically French  experience, yet it is very easy to get here. Toulouse airport is only a 50 minute car ride away and is serviced by a good range of major and low-cost airlines, and we will pick you up at the airport. Or you can hop on the train from Paris and we’ll pick you up at the train station.

Once you are here you will know exactly why you’ve come. Immediately daily pressures and treatment schedules feel a long way away. The air is fresh, the scenery is beautiful and all you have to do is relax. We are here to take care of you. So take a look at the calendar to find a retreat that suits you and book yourself a well-earned break.

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