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The food we serve is an integral part of the healing experience at Puyssentut. Our nutritious meals are carefully balanced to gently help your body to detox, to rebuild and strengthen your immune system, and to bring your body back into balance. All meals are prepared using as much local, seasonal, organic and home-produced ingredients as possible, and are dairy, meat and sugar free.

We work with specialised chefs who are experienced in cooking for people recovering from illness and for optimal health. Each chef blends, in her own way, Western and Eastern philosophies of health, nutrition and well-being.

Bini Sharman

I am an holistic food and health coach. My keen interest in food started in childhood while watching and helping my German Granny and her sister to cook, stew, pickle, can, bottle and bake all with fresh ingredients from their garden.

After a detour of studying law in Liverpool and working at Christie’s auction house in London, I returned to my passion for food in 1999. Since then my passion has taken me through many kitchens in Europe and North-America. Throughout  the years my interest in the healing qualities of food has grown, eventually leading me to the International Macrobiotic School in England, where I completed a professional training as a Healing Cook and Counselor in 2015. Since 2017 I have been a teacher at the Macrobiotic School.

Simone Parris

I have been cooking and working in the health and wellness industry for more than 20 years. When I cook my objective is to create delicious, plant-based meals that increase health, longevity and awareness as they nourish body, mind and soul.

I see cooking as an art and love using the freshest organic ingredients emphasizing grains, beans, sea and land vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to create a balanced wholesome cuisine with a wide variety of flavors, tastes and textures to delight the senses!

Favorite styles include Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic and ethnic cuisines such as Italian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Mexican, created in a healthy balanced way.

I love to share my cooking skills with others and help them learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, either through our Chef Training Program, one – on – one training, or classes and workshops.

My experience includes catering for small to large groups during workshops, retreats and special events. In the past and from time to time I have worked as a personal chef for clients wanting to experience a healthier way of eating; notable clients include Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Steven Segal.

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