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Staying at Puyssentut can give a tremendous boost to someone who has suffered from cancer. It can make the difference between struggling on but feeling low, and regaining spirit and stepping fully back into life again.

“Yay! I’ve finished my chemo! No side effects at all from the last 3 doses. I’m sure the Puyssentut effect has helped me sail through it!” Carl

“My week at Puyssentut, the care, the treatments, mixed in with so much laughter has restored me into being who I used to be. With more physical energy, emotional strength and, above all, hope for my future.” Rosie

We believe that anyone who has or is recovering from cancer should be able to benefit from staying at Puyssentut, and that is why we set up the Puyssentut Foundation (a registered charity based in the Netherlands). The Foundation gives grants to people with cancer who would like to stay here but can’t afford to because their incomes are too low, often because they have been too sick to work and must live on sickness benefits until they have recovered sufficiently to start working again.

The Puyssentut Foundation, is financed from contributions from people like you who would like to help others by giving them the opportunity to stay at Puyssentut. We very much appreciate any contribution you can make to the Foundation, all donations are welcome no matter how big or small. Thank you.

“If there is a place where you can find peace after all your treatments in the hospital it is Puyssentut…After a week you feel completely recharged and strong in body and soul.” Ingeborg

Make a donation

If you would like to donate to Puyssentut you can do so securely online via Just GivingPayPal or, if you have a bank account in the Netherlands, via iDEAL.

Alternatively,  you can use Transferwise to securely transfer funds using your credit card or directly from you bank account (this service is only available to those outside the Euro currency zone), or request your bank to make an international bank transfer from your bank account, this is easy to do online if you have online banking. Our account details are

Account name: Stichting Puyssentut

Bank: Rabobank

Location: Oosterhout

IBAN: NL48 RABO 0138 1529 93


Leave a gift in your will

By leaving a gift in your will you will help us to support more people at what perhaps will be the most challenging time of their lives. Coming through cancer treatment is physically challenging enough. Once completed, and bereft of the support of doctors and nurses, many people find themselves facing their most daunting emotional and psychological challenges. During these times we are here to offer tender loving care and support. We help people to find themselves again, get back on their feet and get back into life.

If you would like to help someone start living again after cancer by leaving a gift to Puyssentut in your will, please contact us and we will be in touch with you to help you to arrange this.





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