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After all the stress, pain and misery of cancer and its treatment a stay at Puyssentut can turn someone’s life back round.

“Thank you for the fabulous week mum had with you both. She looked like a different person when she came home, it was lovely to see the improvement in her. It came just at the right time for her, after a very traumatic and worrying 15 months.” Jill

Fundraise for the Puyssentut Foundation

If you feel inspired about what’s on offer at Puyssentut and would like to give someone with or recovering from cancer the opportunity to stay here, why not fundraise for the Puyssentut Foundation? The Puysssentut Foundation provides grants to people with cancer who need financial support to stay here. Every single Pound or Euro you raise will help improve someone’s life.

  • You can do something on your own or with a group of friends or colleagues;
  • You can sell something, such as cakes, plants or all that old stuff in your attic;
  • You can get people to sponsor you for something you are good at or want to challenge yourself to do;
  • You can hold an event such as a dinner party, a pub-quiz or a tennis tournament;
  • You can do something local or go on an a big adventure.

You will find lots of resources on the internet to help you come up with interesting, do-able ideas and to help you organise a successful, safe and legal event. Then add your event to our fundraising pages on or Although we are a small organisation and don’t have a dedicated fundraising-team, we are always happy to help you if we can. So if you want help or have questions feel free to get in touch.

Yureck successfully ran the Rotterdam Marathon to raise funds for Puyssentut. Through his page on he raised over 700 Euros. Well done Yureck, many thanks!

Raise funds to help a loved one stay here

If you think someone you know – maybe your mum, grandma or friend – would benefit from staying with us, why don’t you set up a fundraising appeal on a crowdfunding site? You could try or An appeal is easy to set up and an effective way to raise funds for someone in need.




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