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Flying high with the greatest of ease

We are delighted to be welcoming Amy Charnay to Puyssentut for our June 14-21 Restore and Revitalise retreat. Amy is a yoga teacher and herbalist and she will be giving daily yoga classes and showing how you can incorporate herbs into your daily life to improve your health and wellbeing.  But what we are really excited about is that Amy will also be offering aerial yoga.

Aerial yoga, as you might expect, is done in the air hanging from silks. According to Amy you don’t have to be an advanced yogini to try aerial yoga, in fact it is something everyone can enjoy and is very suitable for beginners. “My experience is that when someone with any physical issue from illness to chronic pain to obesity is able to do aerial yoga they feel very, very accomplished and supported,” explains Amy.

Here Amy tells about the benefits of Unnata aerial yoga, and yoga in general, for people with or recovering from cancer.

A regular yoga practice can support students both psychologically and physically. Unnata Aerial yoga is a unique style of yoga that brings forth elements of detoxification, playfulness, trust and surrender, to name a few. Like any yoga practice, Unnata aerial yoga can be a physically challenging practice, a deeply restorative practice or anything in between, depending on your individual needs. Below are some of the benefits of aerial yoga:

Psychologically both breathing and movement are practiced in a mindful way that facilitates relaxation and grounding, as well as strengthening focus and concentration. Anyone dealing with chronic illness, such as cancer, and the associated treatments, surgery, fatigue, and generally finding ones’ way through the medical system, can experience the deeply empowering and supportive practice of yoga. Through breath work, movement and surrender, aerial yoga can help cultivate a deep sense of connection with your body while also offering a way to take an active role in your recovery process and overall well-being. Stress is a key component in managing any health condition. Yoga practice helps students learn to better manage stress and, therefore, support the recovery process in a grounded, authentic way.

Physiological benefits are far reaching and include increased immune digestive, respiratory and endocrine function as well as lymphatic detoxification and strengthening and stretching the musculo-skeletal system. All forms of exercise are inherently detoxifying as the lymph and blood are pumped via muscle flexion and increased circulation. Aerial yoga is no exception and enhances the detoxifying properties by gently massaging the lymph nodes and making inversions accessible without stress or pressure on the joints. Lymphatic drainage assists in purifying the body from every day toxins in our modern world including chemicals often used in cancer treatment.

Deep breathing combined with improved circulation increases the oxygen-rich blood flow to cells replacing toxins with much needed nutrients.

Balanced movements help increase or restore strength, range of motion, flexibility and overall health of the joints, muscles and skin. This, combined with the nervous system benefits, may reduce pain and increase function. Many students report an increase in quality of sleep, sustained energy levels and, perhaps most importantly, a higher level of willingness to be with, and maybe even be comfortable in, their own body, mind and spirit.



"I really adored the treatments – truly wonderful. I felt very safe with your knowledgeable and professional therapists." -Zoe

"The food was divine, it made me feel great. I will continue with it." -Tulin

"My experiences at Puyssentut have been much needed fuel for my soul." -Shannon

"You  have a very special place with the perfect ambience for helping people heal and find themselves again." -Sangeeta, Yoga Teacher

"I believe this whole week has worked in perfect harmony. Each part adding to the whole. It has been like a wonderful kaleidoscope of different elements making up a wonderful, complete healing experience for me." -Rosie

"Puyssentut is a magical place with incredible energy. As one of the retreat chefs, I can honestly say that cooking for people who are going through a healing process is a wonderful and rewarding experience." -Rebecca

"I really enjoyed the yoga. Each day built on what we learnt the day before and I will be able to incorporate what I learned into my daily life." -Nasiv

"Go do it - submerge yourself in the wonders of Puyssentut." -Lorna

"Puyssentut is the most caring and supportive environment I've ever experienced. It provides the optimum conditions for self healing." -Lizzie

"These are not 'detox retreats' or 'cancer cures'. This is something more profound and earthy. What people with a cancer diagnosis often need most is a calming space where they can relax, be nourished and reconnect with themselves. Puyssentut provides just that." -Kirsten (Nutrition therapist)

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