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Spring Restore And Revitalise Retreat

Spring Restore and Revitalise Retreat

19-26th April 2020

If you’ve been going through treatment during the Winter months then what could be a better way to ease you back into daily life than a Spring Restore and Revitalise retreat?


In the safe hands of our highly skilled and experienced team of professional therapists, chefs and teachers we’ll help you to gently unfurl from that deep, in-ward place that Winter and treatment takes you to. We’ll support you so that you can relax, breathe deeply again and let go of the stress. And our carefully chosen, well balanced programme of activities and treatments will help you replenish your reserves and nourish and strengthen your body ready to take charge of your life again.

Likewise, if you’ve been out of treatment for a while or are following your own treatment route and would love to be able to rest and recharge in a supportive environment where your needs are understood, then why not let us nourish and nurture you? Take a moment for yourself away from daily commitments and stresses and allow yourself to go deeper into your healing journey.

During the week you can enjoy:

  • yoga
  • meditation and relaxation sessions,
  • complementary therapies
  • country walks
  • informal talks and playshops

All this plus plenty of time to enjoy:

  • sitting in the garden or relaxing in the comfort of the house
  • to revel in the pleasure of someone cooking for you, knowing that each meal is not only delicious but also balanced to your health needs
  • to savour the convivial mealtimes
  • to feel the support from all around you and the comfort and empowerment of sharing experiences with others

€1,450 includes private, en-suite room, meals and refreshments, full programme, and airport transfer at specified times.

€250 discount for bookings before 31st January 2020.

A limited number of concessional places are available.

Family members, friends and carers are welcome.



"I really adored the treatments – truly wonderful. I felt very safe with your knowledgeable and professional therapists." -Zoe

"The food was divine, it made me feel great. I will continue with it." -Tulin

"My experiences at Puyssentut have been much needed fuel for my soul." -Shannon

"You  have a very special place with the perfect ambience for helping people heal and find themselves again." -Sangeeta, Yoga Teacher

"I believe this whole week has worked in perfect harmony. Each part adding to the whole. It has been like a wonderful kaleidoscope of different elements making up a wonderful, complete healing experience for me." -Rosie

"Puyssentut is a magical place with incredible energy. As one of the retreat chefs, I can honestly say that cooking for people who are going through a healing process is a wonderful and rewarding experience." -Rebecca

"I really enjoyed the yoga. Each day built on what we learnt the day before and I will be able to incorporate what I learned into my daily life." -Nasiv

"Go do it - submerge yourself in the wonders of Puyssentut." -Lorna

"Puyssentut is the most caring and supportive environment I've ever experienced. It provides the optimum conditions for self healing." -Lizzie

"These are not 'detox retreats' or 'cancer cures'. This is something more profound and earthy. What people with a cancer diagnosis often need most is a calming space where they can relax, be nourished and reconnect with themselves. Puyssentut provides just that." -Kirsten (Nutrition therapist)

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