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"Go do it - submerge yourself in the wonders of Puyssentut." -Lorna

"My week working at Puyssentut has been a wonderful experience." -Helen, Stress and Change Management Coach

"I feel connected again to people, to myself, to my fears, my love and my sadness." -Christel

"The therapists’ commitment, the treatments, the fantastic food, the inspiring atmosphere: it all works together in a marvellous concept that definitely works." -Bernhard

"The food was delicious and different, I didn't miss anything and every meal was tasty." -Deirdre

"Coming to Puyssentut is the best thing you can do. It is the start of your healing process. The start of a new, healthy life-style." -Ingeborg

"The food was divine, it made me feel great. I will continue with it." -Tulin

"My struggle with acceptance and patience all came to an end at Puyssentut. For me it remains a pivotal time of transition and will stay with me forever." -Julia

"This week is for me a week I will never forget. I will integrate it in my life and I will bring it with me in my heart with a very warm feeling." -Ellen

"These are not 'detox retreats' or 'cancer cures'. This is something more profound and earthy. What people with a cancer diagnosis often need most is a calming space where they can relax, be nourished and reconnect with themselves. Puyssentut provides just that." -Kirsten (Nutrition therapist)


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