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We want as many people who or in treatment or are recovering from cancer to know about Puyssentut as possible so that more people can benefit from staying here. If you would like to help get the word out here are some things you can do right now.

‘Like’ us on Facebook
Like us on Facebook and share our posts.

Tell people about us on chat forums or in Facebook groups
If you are involved in chat forums or Facebook groups with others who have cancer why not post a message telling them about what we offer and how they can find out more about us? Maybe you could encourage a group of you to come together for a retreat? Not only would being on a retreat facilitate your own healing processes but spending time here together can help deepen your friendships and your support for each other.

Follow us
You can follow us and share our posts on Instagram.

Write and article for your newsletter, blog or website
Why not post a story about Puyssentut on your blog? Or if you are connected with an organisation that has a newsletter or website why not write an article? We would be happy to chat with you, give you some quotes and send you some photos.

Email our flyer and brochure
You can click on the ‘flyer’ button to receive our e-flyer and brochure which you can send to your friends, family and contacts.

Hand out our flyer and brochure
We need to get our flyers into as many doctors surgeries, oncology departments, support centres and community centres etc as possible. If you would like to help us with this please fill in the contact form and we’ll send you some flyers in the post.





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