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Work with us

Therapists and Teachers

We work with therapists and teachers from a variety of backgrounds, who are highly trained and experienced, to create and deliver a range of programmes of treatments and activities to meet the varying needs of people in treatment or in recovery. Our programmes provide support on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If you are a teacher or therapist and you would like to collaborate with us we would love to hear from you. Either fill out our application form online or email us for a form at


We consider the food we serve here to be an integral element of the healing process. If you have an holistic approach to cooking, have experience of catering for groups and are interested to come and cook here for a week please either fill out our application form online or email us for a form at


We would not have renovated and readied Puyssentut as quickly as we have done had it not been for all the generous help we’ve received from people who have lent a hand in the garden and with refurbishing the house. We are truly grateful.

We can always do with more help, so if you feel motivated to volunteer with us please fill out the volunteer application form online or email us at




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